Do You Have the Time?

By: Christopher F. Barry



My name is Chris, and I have ten rabbits. Four of them were adopted from Cocheco Valley Humane Society (CVHS): Bun-Bun, Bubbles, Buddy, and Cuddles. Most of my rabbits need extra attention because some of them were abandoned, like Buddy and Cuddles. Some were never held, like Bun-Bun and Bubbles, yet the more you hold them the more they like to be with you.

You have to pay a lot of attention to your rabbit(s). Some people think they are just toys. But they are more than just toys, they are your responsibility! They are living things just like humans only hairier. You have to feed them and give them water every day to keep them happy and healthy (their favorite type of snack that doesnít cost anything is clover and grass clippings!)

If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit you have to first decide if you have the time to take care of them every day and the time to build a big cage for them if you are getting more than one. If you are going to have them outside you should at least build shelter for them, donít just put a store bought cage outside. If you get a rabbit the cage should be built first. My dad and I made a cage about six feet by ten feet. If you decide to put them outside you should have more than one rabbit so they keep each other warm. If you get an indoor rabbit that has never been outside before, you have to let it get used to the outside slowly. If you put it out immediately it could get very sick. Some of the things that have to be in their cage are clean hay, fresh food, a nice house to hide and stay warm in and a place to run around in the sun. The rabbits have to have nail trimmings every month and stay in good health. It is also your responsibility to take care of them after surgery, and to be sure they donít have unwanted litters.

Some ways I enjoy my rabbits is to sit with them while I play video games, or to take them places like the park and visiting family. When spring comes we are going to make a playpen for them out in the yard so they have a place to eat grass and play with each other.

I think personally that you should definitely adopt your rabbits from Cocheco Valley Humane Society, because they will be happier and healthier and you could be saving their life. Pet stores keep them in tiny, dirty cages and donít give them a lot to eat.Some of the rabbits I have bought from pet stores have died a week into when I bought them. The rabbits that I have bought from CVHS are still alive and healthy and some of them I have owned for over a year.

You should not get a rabbit if you donít have the time to care for one and to give it love and attention. If you donít have the time to take care of it there is a good chance it could become sick. Rabbits are a big responsibility even if you have just one or two.


I hope this has helped you to decide if you have the time.