A little bit of friendly competition could really help the animals... Invite a neigboring school or organization to challenge your team and see who will turn in the most pledges! It's all for a great cause, and all teams are winners in the eyes of homeless pets.
Keep it friendly and fun!
Here's how your collection can help:
  • $50 will spay or neuter a stray cat prior to adoption.
  • $100 will help to cover sheltering a homeless cat or dog.
  • $300 will provides shelter, veterinary care, and necessary vaccinations for 2 cats or dogs.
  • $600 covers the cost to shelter, vaccinate, and give medical treatments for 4 dogs.
  • $1500 will cover the cost to care for 10 animals awaiting adoption.
  • $3000 covers the cost of spaying or neutering up to 60 homeless pets, and will help in the fight to end pet overpopulation!