Post your pledge sheet where people will see it.
Since this is not a multi-mile walk, ask them to turn in pledges when you ask. Receiving contributions at the time you request will save you time to ask more sponsors. Some sponsors may not turn pledges in right away. Let them know when you will come around again to collect it, or tell them where and when they can bring it to you.
Skip A Gift.
Ask those who would normally give you a birthday gift to sponsor you instead for the amount they would have spent on your present. Sponsors will be helping animals with your gift!
Keep a pledge form on hand wherever you go.
Take it to work, school, meetings, games, or when you and your dog take a walk around the block.
Record a greeting on your telephone answering machine or voicemail.
There's time to fit it into a busy schedule. Record a greeting on your home answering machine asking callers to sponsor you. Check with your manager before recording a greeting on your work phone.
Every little bit counts.
A small donation makes a great big difference, too. For instance, a $5 contribution will provide flea protection and an identification collar for a cat. A $10 donation helps to cover the cost to immunize a cat or dog. A $25 donation will provide screening for leukemia or heartworm. A $50 donation will spay or neuter a rabbit prior to going home. It all adds up to help them!
Employer Matching
Ask your human resources department about employer matching. Many workplaces have a matching funds program. Employer matching programs can double the impact you make for homeless pets.