You can help the animals with a little competition. Just remember: ALL teams are winners in the eyes of homeless pets,
so keep it friendly and HAVE SOME FUN!

Why not invite a neighboring school or organization to challenge your team to see who will turn in the most pledges for the animals?

See How Your Team Can Help Animals at CVHS

$ 50 will spay or neuter a stray cat prior to adoption
$150 will help to cover the cost to care for 1 homeless cat or dog
$300 provides food, shelter, veterinary care, and life-saving vaccinations for 2 cats or dogs
$600 covers the cost to feed, shelter, vaccinate, and have medical exams for 4 dogs.
$1500 will cover the cost to care for 10 animals awaiting adoption.
$3000 covers the cost of spaying or neutering up to 60 homeless pets, and will go a very long way in the fight to end pet overpopulation.

Let's Go Team!

  • Keep a blank copy of the sponsor sheet attached to make extra copies. This entire packet is also posted online at
  • Make copies of this team packet including the sponsor sheet available to team members.
  • Make sure everyone knows when, where, and how to get to the walk. Directions are noted in the front of this packet and are also at
  • If you walk with a dog, bring a current rabies certificate or tags and pet ID and a 6' or less leash for each dog you walk with.
  • Get together with the team periodically and keep in touch.
  • Come to registration at 10am on Sunday June 6 to turn in pledges and sign up for the Fun Dog Show. See you here!
  • F.M.I. - or call the Walk Coordinator at (603) 516-0066
    Thank You for helping homeless pets