Tell your family, friends, neightbors, and co-workers about the pledge walk. Send E-mail or telephone all your contacts to let them know about the team. make it easy for them to sign up and ask them to tell others about the walk.

Post team sign-up sheets and pledge sheets in areas where they will be seen. Where approved, use your organization's communication resources such as bulletin boards in cafeterias, locker rooms and hallways. check to see if you can post it at the entrance to your office, outside your cubicle, in break areas, and on the refrigerator and snack machines.

Team-up for homeless pets. Ask your teachers, public relations, or human resources in your school or organization for additional team building ideas. Why not make up your own team cheer?!

Promote your team at breakfast or lunch. You'll find more team members and sponsors in the cafeteria.

Let your answering machine do the talking while you are out! Ask for permission to record a greeting on your telephone at work, so others will hear when they call. If your pet is a talker, ask her to "speak" and record a real attention getter on your home answering machine.

Find out who the animal lovers are. Pet owners love to talk about their animal "children." Whenever you're waiting in line, start a conversation by telling others about your pet and tell them why you're involved in the walk.

Ask those on already existing teams to join you. Like your family! Or, ir you belong to work groups, or live in a neighborhood. People you already meet with, such as scouting, honor society, math team or a sports team! Ask members of these teams to hoin you.

Hang photos of your pets where people will notice. When they comment how adorable your pets are, ask them about their own. So many have adopted from a shelter. It's a great conversation starter!

Carry pledge forms with you to hand out to others. Even if they don't join the team, they might decide to walk on their own.

Just ask. People will fell good about helping homeless pets. Don't let the "no, thanks" break your stride. If they can't join your team, they may want to sponsor you!