Cocheco Valley Humane Society is dedicated to teaching children the importance and value of kindness and respect to all living things. As important as it is to provide shelter, medical care and love, Cocheco Valley embraces a larger mission…to prevent cruelty to animals through education. Humane education involves far more than just teaching about animals. As they learn about the interdependence between themselves and nature, children gain a greater self-awareness. They begin to understand that we share the planet with other living creatures, and that each of us plays a vital role in making the earth a better place to live. To this end, we offer age- specific education programs to help teachers bring these topics and issues into their classroom.

Currently we have a wide variety of Program Topics to choose with a few listed below:

Education programs last from 45 minutes to one hour with several courses to choose from depending on the age of the participants. When possible, a carefully chosen animal accompanies the educator. Our progress can be customized to fit your special needs. Focus can be placed on pet safety, responsible pet care and ownership or pet overpopulation.


Classes must be scheduled two to three weeks in advance. To facilitate the comfort of an animal guest and to allow each child to interact with the animal, we require individual classrooms only. We find that even the best-trained animals tire out after two classroom visits. Therefore, only two programs will be scheduled per visit.


When a class has been scheduled, age specific curriculum materials will be used in the classroom or youth program. Each packet contains helpful and concise background information for the humane educator. Materials may include videotapes, class projects, books or bookmarks. (These materials are free of charge)

To find out more about this program or to schedule a class you may contact Beverly Petree at 742-3519.

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