DOVER, NH – They may not be pet goodies, but aluminum beverage cans are now the preferred "treat "of adoptable animals at Cocheco Valley Humane Society. Now through November 30th, the shelter will recycle aluminum beverage cans delivered to the shelter.

The drive is part of Cocheco Valley Humane Society’s participation in the nationwide Paws to Recycle campaign. The society will earn operating funds and free Friskies pet food for the animals to eat for its participation, and will compete with other shelters across the country to win one of three $3000 grand prizes.

CVHS serves Strafford County and cares for over 3000 animals every year. Operations are funded totally by donations, membership, and fundraisers as the shelter receives no government, state, or city funding.

"Paws to Recycle is an easy way for everybody to help homeless animals. The funds received for the cans will be used for food, vaccinations, and needed animal supplies." says Mary Lou Hendrick, Special Events Coordinator. "So far, this year’s program has pulled in $300. Our goal is to exceed 1000 pounds. That’s over 30,000 cans!

Shelter sponsors, Cabletron Systems and Liberty Mutual are donating beverage cans from their cafeterias and vending machines. Smiley’s Beverage Center, Burritto Mio, Gynecology and Infertility Associates, and Building Blocks Day Care are also pitching in to name just a few. Your soda cans will go a long way if you turn them in to the shelter. CVHS will turn in all cans collected by Tuesday, November 30th. The animals at the shelter will be eligible to win the cash prize for the best community campaign or the best publicity campaign.

Cocheco Valley Humane Society is located at 262 County Farm Road in Dover across from the Strafford County Courthouse.

Paws to Recycle is an aluminum can recycling program sponsored by the American Humane Association (AHA), Friskies PetCare Company and Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA). For further information, please call Mary Lou Hendrick at 742-5322.

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