Children Collect Cans to Raise Funds for Shelter Animals

What do you do with aluminum cans? It's nice to recycle them to help the environment. It's also pretty convenient to throw them in the trash, but don't let the children at Building Blocks ChildCare catch you tossing that precious metal. Pre-schoolers, Drew Pevear, Kyle Vereb, Anne Seaver, Jarrett Gerry, Dallas Presley, Cyonn Alexander, Mikaela Lieghton, Brendon Scheffer, Todd Seaver and their kindergarten friends know just the answer. "We count them!"

The children's parents have been taking their empty cans as well as their children to Building Blocks ChildCare in Somersworth ever since September 1st when the PAWS TO RECYCLE program began. The American Humane Association, Friskies Pet Care Company and Alcoa started the program six years ago to benefit shelter animals and the environment nationwide.

Participating shelters can earn three cases of delicious pet food for homeless cats and dogs. Community involvement is the key ingredient to winning one of three grand prizes awarded to shelters at the end of the program. Building Block's owners, Angela and George Pevear are doing their best to involve their friends and other area daycares in the effort.

Each week, several of the children come bearing a few cans or a bagful. They take turns counting the cans then write the number collected on a chart and weekly tracking sheet posted up on the wall for everyone to see. Even their neighbor, Matthew, collects cans for the cause. Those who don't have any cans, ask their neighbors and friends for them.

After each child has had a chance to sharpen counting skills, the cans are combined in a monster size trash bad and saved for the shelter at Cocheco Valley Humane Society. As of October 7th, the class has counted over 600 cans!

Cocheco Valley Humane Society wishes to thank Building Blocks ChildCare and everyone in the community who has taken cans to the shelter. It's easy to participate with plenty of time left for individual drop offs or organized collections from the office, sporting events and fairs. Go ahead. Get creative. Make the animals' day!

Can collections or recycling receipts dated September 1 through November 30 should be taken to Cocheco Valley Humane Society by November 30th. For more information, please call Mary Lou Hendrick at 603-742-9519.

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