Homeless Homer - Homes in on Fundraising $$

Some programs which fund the shelter are not large, but they are steady and provide income which allows us to do those necessary "little things". One such program is Homeless Homer. This fundraiser requires donors to clip the Homer symbols from their cans of pet food and send them in to the shelter. At this end, volunteers Sandy and Grant Taylor carefully clip and paste the symbols required by Nine-Lives, mail them in and we wait for the check. The program would not be possible without Sandy and Grant's donated time. Many thanks for their hard work.

We would also like to recognize some of the people who take the time to cut out the sumbols and send them in to us. We apologize if your name is not here. The names are taken off the accompanying envelopes which are sometimes illegible or no name is present. We appreciate the time you also spend in getting the symbols to us.

April Baxter
Elaine MArrott
Shelly Brown Parish
James and Joyce Coogan
Kathy Reinhold
Barbara De Hart
Cynthia Sullivan
Donna Dubois
Kimberly Swink
Mary Lou Ficke
Harriet Wallingford
Margaret Jaques
Marie Wisdom
Janet Le Lart
Megan Boston
Virginia Pearson
Robbie Cathcart
Terry Ramsey
Shauna Cullin
Gary Simmons
Catherine Dube
Kim Starrett
Darcy Fechner
Linda Tripp
Tammy Hodgdon
Virginia Winkley
Theresa Bergeron
William Parker
Nancy Carr
Deborah Quisumbing
Donna Cross
D. Rouse
Michelle Des Jardin
Patricia Stanley
Julie DuBois
Marion Trafton
Gilbert Gallant
Linda Warren
Jill Kortright

Homeless Homer Amounts earned in the last three months

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