Welcome To...

Gayle Hart, our new Shelter Manager. Gayle spent several years at the MSPCA shelter in Methuen before coming to us. As usual, with a small staff and the demands of the animals, we have many challenges waiting for Gayle to conquer. We have no doubt that she will do so.

At Methuen, Gayle dealt with 9,000 animals per year. Our 3,000 should be small by comparison. Gayle also has a strong computer background which will help us in implementing our new shelter software for tracking the animals in our care.

Gayle Says...

Beginning with the Fall newsletter, Gayle will write a column concerning shelter issues and will answer often-asked questions about the shelter or pets in general. If you have any specific questions, please forward them to the shelter to her attention.

Our Best Foot Forward

Some minor improvements have been made to the front of the shelter which we hope will help improve our appearance and alleviate the water drainage problem. The county, under supervision of shelter friend George Day, dug a dry well and ran a drainage pipe out the back of the building to try to alleviate the build-up of water we get in the hard rain. We are also adding gutters to the front roofs which will drain directly into the dry well. The county will be resloping terrain around the shelter so heavy runoff does not run under the trailer. In the past, our phones have gone out every time it rains.

Landscaping had to be put on hold with all the wet weather. Landscaper Peter LaFonte who owns KDP Landscaping is trying to catch up with his paying clients and will have to finish the shelter work later this summer. He also had to wait for the drainage work to be done. Everything should be in place by fall, and next spring we should be gorgeous.

Best Wishes and "Ta Ta"

Best Wishes to Shelter Manager Kristen Riddlestone. Kristen was married in March to Paul Riddlestone of Richmond, England. The couple has decided to return to England to reside there. During her five years at the shelter where Kristen began first as a volunteer and then a kennel worker, she brough a great attitude which helped to get everyone through the more than occasional rough days, a dedicated work ethic and a huge heart which always had the animals' best interests at heart.

She was instrumental in working with the public to improve the resources available to us whether it was corporate donations from New England Serum or increasing the number of foster parents to help when we were overloaded or had animals which needed extra attention. She adopted several animals in need from the shelter and they will be traveling to her new home with her.

Kristen will be exploring career possibilities with the RSPCA in England. We let her go with our highest recommendation and knowing that she will be truly missed.