Humane Education Reaches the Hearts of the Young
Beverly Petree--Humane Education Coordinator

In the past few months we have been hard at work training volunteers who are seriously committed to our cause. The trend towards urban living has changed the attitudes of children and adults alike. It is our responsibility as humane educators to teach a reverence for life and to foster the recognition of animals as living, sensitive beings. Humane education is a waste if the heart is not educated--and it must be. Unfortunately, many people are not "born kind".

The American Humane Education Society states that "Humane education builds...character by awakening and fostering, especially in the hearts of the young, the principles of justice and compassion towards all seeks to awaken the heart of the child's principles of kindness and justice toward his fellow beings". If we are to expect a future where man is kinder and gentler to all living things, then we must begin to educate our children today.

It is the goal of CVHS to have at least one humane education volunteer within every school in our district. This is a big job; and altough we have an excellent core group, we very much want to expand. Our mission is to instill in children an appreciation of the wonder of animals and our relationships with them. It is our hope that even one person can make a difference through the information presented by the volunteer instructor.

CVHS offers a readily available supply of humane education materials including hand puppets, slide shows, video tapes, games and stickers. Classes are planned to coincide with the school's yearly lesson plans. In addition, we train you how to present this information effectively and comfortably.

If you are interested in joining our team and becoming a part of this exciting program, then I would love to meet you! Call me at 749-5322.

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