A Foster Parent's Story
Herm Stolzenberger, Volunteer Foster Parent

It all started with an animal abuse case in August, 1996, in which six adult dogs, a large litter of German Shepherd puppies and one riding horse were brought into the shelter under protective custody. One of these adult female Shepherds was pregnant and gave birth to eleven puppies. A long drawn out court case ensued and concluded with permanent custody of all animals awarded to CVHS in March of 1997. All canines, except one, were placed in foster homes for varying lengths of time during the court procedure and were later successfully placed in permanent homes (adopted). The riding horse remains in foster care and is yet to be adopted.

One of the original litter brought into the shelter (and later named Buster) was placed into a foster home when he became gravly ill. He had difficulty properly digesting his food. Buster was taken to the Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital where he was diagnosed by Dr. Tim Fallon as suffering from an intestinal blockage resulting in loss of weight and general degradation of his physical condition. After surgery to correct the blockage, Buster was to begin a long period of rehabilitation to regain his lost body weight and muscle tone. A further test revealed a pancreatic dysfunction which prevented him from adequately digesting food. An enzyme was prescribed to supplement the digestive process. Buster responded favorably and was returned to the CVHS shelter to undergo several days of close observation by shelter technicians.

On January 1, 1997, Buster was accepted by fostering parents Herm and Thelma Stolzenburg of Dover to continue his rehabilitation. With the help of medication, a strict diet, and an ever present supply of loving care, Buster made a truly fantastic recovery. He remained at his foster home until the middle of May when the CVHS adoptive process brought Mr. and Mrs. Todd Gross of Durham into Buster's life. They would be his adoptive parents.

To all who follow and contribute to the activities of CVHS, this is just one of the hundreds of pleasant adoption stories conducted by the shelter throughout the year. This is a tribute to Buster who showed a remarkable will to live; to Dr. Tim Fallon and his staff for their professionalism; to his foster parents who demonstrated care and concern; and to the adoptive parents who are providing a loving family. This is also a tribute to CVHS who provides refuge and placement for abused and unwanted animals.

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