Cocheco Champs

As usual, we love hearing from our former shelter animals. Here are just a few success stories.


Dear Friends at CVHS,

Well, here we are taking a break on the couch in our new home. We need times of rest and relaxation because we're very busy running things here; seeing that the live-in help do things properly (our way) takes considerable concentration, training, etc. They seem willing and are catching on.

About a month ago we decided that we would make them feel miserably guilty every time they stepped out to enjoy their deck. So, we would sit in the adjacent window and cry at them for their attention and company. They got our message and now we not only have access to their deck but enjoy gardening with them. Our job is not the menial endeavors, raking, hoeing, etc. but the significant ones of catching a mouse or mole, stalking birds and squirrels and keeping a supervisory eye on all that goes on.

Naturally, the help insisted we get Leukemia shots to protect us and we have flea protection medicine. All-in-all becoming outdoor cats has made our lives more interesting and varied. We do not fight so much either. That's because we're too busy.

The short haired servant here (William) made a door that opens from the inside to the outside too. So we have our own separate entrance; we do not have to go to the rear like the servants and help do.

So that's our news. I hope all is well with you and your many friends. Feel free to drop by and pay homage to us at your leisure.

Flash and Tigger Sturrock (as dictated to our longer haired servant, Barbara Sturrock)

Tigger and Flash came to the shelter together. They got sick together and went into a foster home together. We are pleased that we were able to find them a home - you guessed it - TOGETHER.


Sometimes They Choose You

Two years ago my kitty, Tyler, chose me on one of my visits to CVHS. He leapt out of his kennel, wrapped his arms around my neck and would not let go. When we brought him home he was four months old and weighed 1.4 pounds. Every night he needed to sit on my lab, nuzzle my neck and suck on his paw (I'm not kidding!) as if it were a thumb.

He weighs 10.4 pounds now and is the lankiest, most muscular cat I've ever seen! He still has to nuzzle my neck each night, but as he grew more secure with his new Mom and Dad, he eventually outgrew his paw sucking. My dog, Nugen, raised Tyler as his own, so Tyler tries to beg and sit just like his dog brothers. He now has a kitty sister, Maggie, who has taught him how to be more like a cat!

Altough only Tyler came from CVHS, our whole family: Nugen, Sam, and Maggie were all rescued from various places. We thank you for the wonderful and much needed work you perform! Animals don't choose their situation, so they need special people like CVHS to look out for them.

Thank you for all you do!
Katie, Ted, Tyler, Nugen, Sam, and Maggie Kinville


Positively, Purrfectly Comfortable in A New Home

To All at CVHS:

I just wanted to let you all know that Smokey is getting along fine in his new home with Tabasco and myself. I have sent along some photos. Thank you for letting me take in a homeless kitten! He's a ton of fun!

Kirsten Rokowski


A Tasty Reward

Angela Marvin and Cherokee report that the 1997 Prince of CVHS's Fun Dog Show also has won a recipe contest for homemade natural dog biscuits. (We assume that Angela cooked and Cherokee tasted). Their winning recipe will appear in the Nov/Dec issue of Natural Pet. Congratulations!


His Own Home and His Own Bone


Sorry it took so long to send a photo. Here is Keado who was adopted in the beginning of September. He is the Best Dog I could ever ask for and my son loves him. He also doesn't mind the cats as long as they leave his bone alone. Thanks for all your help.

The Pat Pierce Family

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