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Although this list gives you a general idea of what animals are available, the best thing to do is to visit the Shelter in person, or call the Shelter at (603)749-5322 during our business hours. To see our adoption fees click here


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DOGS UPDATED 4/29/2016

We update our site regularly, but animals do come and go from the shelter very quickly. Please check our listing on for the most up-to-date information on animals currently available for adoption. 






Bambi is 2 years old and came to CVHS from an overcrowded southern shelter. She is a little too interested in small animals like rabbits, but she seems okay with cats. She tends to be nervous around other dogs, so she'll need to meet any potential canine siblings prior to going home. Because she can be a resource guarded, she would do best in a home with kids 10 and older that will respect her space. Bambi is a lap dog who enjoys attention and affection. She loves being with people and would rather play with you than her toys. She already knows sit but needs to work on her basic manners. Bambi only has three legs, but she doesn't that stop her from getting around! She likes to run around and play, so she would do best in a medium energy household with someone that will keep her active but also enjoy cuddling with her!

Age: 2 years Sex: SF
Breed: Feist mix





Carla is 1 year old and came to CVHS from an overcrowded southern shelter. This beautiful girl is looking for a home with older kids. She has done well with cats she has met at the shelter so farm and will need to meet any potential canine friends. She is very interested in smaller animals, like rabbits, and needs to go to a home without them. Carla tends to be fearful in new situations, so she would do best with a confident dog friend. She is very food motivated and would do best with someone who will take the time to work with her on training. She would make a great companion for an active owner, especially if you're looking for a jogging companion.

Age: 1 year Sex: SF
Breed: Labrador Retriever mix






Tippie is 5 years old and came to CVHS from an overcrowded southern shelter. Tippie needs a calm home with older teens that will respect her space. She is a timid and nervous girl, so she will need a patient owner that will help her learn to trust and come out of her shell. Tippie is nervous around other animals but may warm up to another dog over time. She needs a quiet home with someone that will take the time to help her learn to trust. Are you the special person Tippie is looking for?

Age: 5 years Sex: SF
Breed: Terrier mix





Jilly is 8 years old and came to CVHS because her previous owner was unable to care for her. This sweet girl is looking for a medium energy home where she can be queen of the castle. She would do best as the only pet in a home with kids 8/10 or older. She is looking for a family that will help her with her leash manners and basic obedience. She has been on a hypoallergenic diet at the shelter and will need to stay on one in her new home. Jilly is ready to enjoy her golden years - do you have room for one more?


Age: 8 years Sex: SF
Breed: Boxer mix





Bella is 2 years old and came to the shelter because her previous family was no longer able to care for her. Bella has lived with cats in the past and should do okay with them in her new home. She will need to meet any potential canine siblings prior to going home with them. Because she is a little possessive of her food, it is recommended she go home with older kids who will respect her space. Bella is a very sweet girl who does well with handling. She is a mix of high energy and low key - she would enjoy long walks followed by lounging with her family. She knows some basic commands but would do well with someone that will work with her on learning more.

Age: 2 years Sex: SF
Breed: Labrador mix






Sassy lives up to her name! She is an energetic gal who likes to play rough. Sassy would be happiest with an owner that is as active as she is! She loves to run and walk and could make a fantastic on-leash hiking partner. Sassy is a dominant player who has not done well with dogs that has met at the shelter. Sassy also has a high prey drive. For these reasons, Sassy can only go to a home where she is the only animal. She's the queen of the castle! Sassy can only share her home with older children (13+). When Sassy wants to settle down, her favorite place to lay is in your lap. She enjoys playing with her people and loves toys. Sassy will need an experienced owner as she needs a lot of direction. She will need basic manner training, crate training, and will need help learning to become more comfortable with restraint. Again, Sassy does live up to her name! If you're looking for an active partner Sassy is it!


Age: 4 years Sex: SF
Breed: Golden Retriever / Shepherd





 Kya is an incredibly sweet yet extremely unsure and timid girl. Kya needs a guardian who will allow her a lot of extra time to adjust to her new home. Her potential owner will also have to work on confidence building and understand that it takes Kya a while to warm up to new people. Kya is not comfortable sharing her space with younger children therefore she can only go home with older kids (13+). She is an energetic girl who likes to play but she is easily distracted due to the fact that she is very vigilant of her surroundings. Kya will need to meet any dogs prior to going home with one and cannot share her home with small animals. Once Kya has bonded with her human companion she will nudge you with her nose when she wants attention or to be rubbed. She may also greet you with a hug whether you are standing or sitting! When she wants to command your attention from another room she may quietly huff or bark - this means it might be time to play! Kya is on a special diet and must stay on a special diet in her new home. Her potential owner will want to keep this in mind. Kya is a sweetheart but will need an owner that can prove to her that she is safe and that everything is OK. Could that owner be you?


Age: 3 years Sex: SF
Breed: Sharpei mix




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