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Although this list gives you a general idea of what animals are available, the best thing to do is to visit the Shelter in person, or call the Shelter at (603)749-5322 during our business hours. To see our adoption fees click here


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DOGS UPDATED 2/12/2016

We update our site regularly, but animals do come and go from the shelter very quickly. Please check our listing on for the most up-to-date information on animals currently available for adoption. 





Flynnigan is a goofy and spirited boy! Flynnigan is very playful! He adores plush squeaky toys and would prefer them over just about any other type of toy. He is a very people-oriented dog. Other dogs make him nervous and he thinks cats and other small animals are just too much fun to chase so he would likely be happiest as your only pet. Though, he may be open to meeting another dog but his prospective owner would need to slowly introduce the other dog and ensure that their energy doesn't overwhelm Flynnigan. Flynnigan loves to be around people but will periodically venture away and explore! He loves to spend time outside but guardian beware - he will follow his nose - so he should be on leash at all times. A fenced in yard would be a plus! Flynnigan is a kid-friendly boy but because he is exuberant he would probably do best with children (8+). If you're looking to add some OOMPH to your family please consider Flynnigan!


Age: 2 years Sex: NM
Breed: Beagle mix






Lala is a mature, oftentimes independent, couch-potato! Lala is sensitive when it comes to her ears, paws, or face being touched therefore it is recommended that she lives with adults. If she were to share her home with children Lala can only go home with older kids (12+). Lala is a playful lady and would do well with an owner that can devote extra time to her enrichment and playtime. She loves her walks and runs and would happily accompany her guardian on a hike or any other outdoor adventure! However, Lala will need help learning leash manners. She is very strong and doesn't seem to realize that there is a person at the other end of the leash! She does know some basic manners such as "sit," "down," and "paw." This laid-back gal is also very loving! She loves to be patted, enjoys the company of people, and absolutely adores butt-scratches! She can be nervous when it comes to quick movements or loud noises so you'll want to approach Lala slowly before giving her the admiration and affection that she craves! If you are looking for a loyal lady, please consider Lala!


Age: 3 years Sex: SF
Breed: Pit Bull mix






Sweet, calm, and willing, I am on the more mellow side. I simply need gentle guidance to help me along the way. I have lived in a fairly busy household before and done well, but a more relaxed home might be nice, too! I am one to blend in to most situations if you let me. My ideal home would be cat free, or at least dog savvy cats that know how to live with nosy me. I may be just fine with all ages as long as we can have some time to get to know each other. My initial meetings can be a little stressful, but I settle well. I am a true gem to be met!

Age: 8 years Sex: SF
Breed: Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull






This lively guy is looking for a medium to high energy home to call his own! Ranger is an active and playful boy who would be happiest with an active guardian. Ranger would be thrilled to accompany his owner on a hike, walk, or run! His favorite types of toys to play with are squeaky plush toys! Because Ranger is a rough player, we recommend that he only go home with older children (13+). This also means that he will need to meet any potential dog siblings before going home with them. Ranger cannot share his home with any small animals. He is very food motivated and knows one basic command which is "sit." He will happily learn more commands as long as he is rewarded with a delicious treat! If you are looking for an active companion please consider Ranger!

Age: 1 year Sex: NM
Breed: German Shepherd mix





Phillip is just one year old but has already had multiple homes. Originally, he came to CVHS from a hoarding situation. As a result, he is not well socialized in family environment. He does well with other animals but struggles to accept multiple people in his home. Although he is friendly with everyone he meets, he quickly bonds with a particular person in his home and then becomes overly protective of him or her, which leads to him being a behavioral challenge for the rest of the family. He will need someone willing to commit to correcting these behavioral challenges, which will take a lot of time and effort from his new owner and will definitely be difficult for the family members he is not bonded with. We are willing to work with his new owner to provide a behavior modification plan to help him succeed in his new home. The worst thing for Phillip would be to go home with someone who is not able to commit to the challenges ahead. He needs someone who will look past his cute face and treat him like a dog, not a baby, as pampering him makes his behavior problems worse. To learn more about this special boy, please contact the shelter at 603-749-5322.


Age: 1 year Sex: NM
Breed: Terrier mix






Zylo is a people-oriented boy who is looking for an animal-free home. He is very affectionate towards his human companions and will actively seek out your attention. Zylo enjoys meeting new people but seems to be particularly drawn to women. Zylo has been very nervous here at the shelter so he may need some extra time to adjust in his new home. Because Zylo is a known resource guarder he cannot go home with any children. It is important that Zylo's potential owner is devoted to building his confidence in new surroundings as he can become very anxious when presented with an unfamiliar situation. He likes to carry a stuffed lamb toy with him on his walks and just about everywhere he goes. It is both a quirk and a security object for him! Because Zylo needs more structure and confidence building in his life he would thrive in an environment with an experienced owner. He would also benefit from frequent walks and daily playtime. His favorite type of toy is a squeaky toy and of course, his stuffed critters. Quirks and challenges aside, Zylo becomes extremely attached and devoted to his guardian. He is the kind of guy who would happily curl up next to you on a lazy afternoon and pass the time with you. If you are looking for a loyal and loving companion consider Zylo!

Age: 3 years Sex: NM
Breed: Bullmastiff / Labrador





Cocoa is a very active, playful, and talkative girl! This lively lady would do best in a home with an equally active guardian! Cocoa's favorite toys are tennis balls, stuffed toys, squeaky toys, and a Frisbee! She also enjoys a competitive game of Tug-of-War! If you enjoy walking or running Cocoa will happily accompany you. Because Cocoa is very strong AND energetic she can only go home with older children (12+). Cocoa cannot go home with any small animals and would need to meet any potential dog friends as she is very selective. Do you have a permanent home for Cocoa?

Age: 2 years Sex: SF
Breed: Pit Bull mix




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