To: Team Leaders

From: C.V.H.S. Special Events

Re: Walk-A-Doggie-Thon Pledge Walk for Homeless Animals

Want to join with others for a good cause? You can help local homeless animals by leading a "walk team" for this year's Walk-A-Doggie-Thon pledge walk! Organize a group of family and friends to collect pledges together. Your team helps make it all possible. 

So you don't' have a dog? You don't need a canine or even a pet to help. When you collect pledges on behalf of shelter animals, you'll make a positive difference for over 2500 needy animals that will find shelter this year at C.V.H.S. Use the tips included inside this packet to help keep your team on the march for shelter animals.

Forming & Motivating Walk Teams
Pledge Collecting Ideas
Team Sign-Up Sheet
Team Registration Form
Pledge Form (give a copy to each member)
Mission Statement and Shelter Facts

In addition to the pledge walk, the Fun Dog Show will feature the talents of pooches and their pals in the Musical Sit, Dash & Dine, Best Pet Trick, Best Smile, Biggest Beggar, Most Vocal, Costume Class, and Most Average Mutt. A secret judge will crown the royal Prince and Princess at the end of the walk.

In 2000, our caring community raised over $10,000 in pledges. This year, we're reaching for the stars with a $15,000 goal - together, we can do it!

Call the walk coordinator 749-5322 for more info.

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Walk-A-Doggie-Thon Team Packet Info:

 [Walk-A-Doggie-Thon Cover Sheet] [Fact Sheet

[Tips on Forming & Motivating Walk Teams] [Pledge Collecting Ideas] [Sign-Up Sheet

[Team Registration Form] [Mission Statement and Fact List] [Team Guidelines] [Pledge Form]