Walk-A-Doggie-Thon Pledge Collecting Ideas

Post a pledge sheet at the entrance of your cubicle where people will see it.
Since this is not a multi-mile walk, many will want to give you their pledge right away, so have a designated spot to keep it in. Receiving contributions at the time you request will save the time it takes to go back to collect it. Sponsors may not be able to turn it in right away. Let them know when you will come around again to collect or tell them where they can bring it to you,

Employer Matching
Ask your organization to sponsor your team. They may choose to contribute a sum for the whole team, match a percentage, or match dollar for dollar the amount your team collects. Employer matching programs can up to double the impact you make!

Skip a Gift
Ask people that would normally give you a gift for your birthday or other occassion, to sponsor you instead for the amount they would have spent on your present.

Animal Lovers
Ask them all to sponsor you or join your team.

Where do you shop the most?
Find sponsors while you are in the coffee shop, card shop, or wherever you may shop.

How about asking at the veterinarian, pet supply store, or groomer? 
Places you patronize who care about animals may also want to sponsor you.

Call or page people to sponsor you!
Get permission to send a group voicemail or page to reach those you'd like to sponsor you!  If they are out of town, leave your mailing address, so they can get pledges to you prior to walk day.

Take your pledge form to school, a meeting, games, work, or where you and "Fido" take walks! Keep it on hand wherever you go.

Company or department gatherings
Bring your pledge sheet with you and take a moment to say a few words about the walk. Use the list of facts about C.V.H.S. in the back of this packet.

Record a greeting on your home answering machine and on voicemail. 
There's time to fit it into a busy schedule. Check with your manager to okay recording a brief greeting about the walk on your outgoing voicemail. Ask people to sponsor and mail pledges to you in time for the walk especially if you aren't going to see them. You'll be surprised who wants to contribute!

Every little bit counts.
Tell sponsors to give what they can. A small donation is better than none at all. For instance, a $10 pledge will cover the cost to innoculate a dog or cat. A $25 pledge will provide screening for leukemia or heartworm and feed an animal awaiting adoption for three days. A $5 contribution will provide a warm bed, litter change, two meals, and an identification collar for a cat. It all adds up to help homeless pets!

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