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    Maizie is now a one-year old beauty who'd got off to a rough start before coming to CVHS. She was very sick when the staff found her under a trailer trying to nurse her kittens. Even at her very young age, it was obvious that Maizie had been on her own out in the elements for some time. No matter how she tried to care for them, in Maizie's compromised condition, coupled with a lack of nutrition and elements of weather, her own health issues had been passed on to her offspring and her dear kittens didn't survive.

Maizie was brought straight to the veterinarian for medical treatment. The doctor found that she had roundworm, tapeworm and a flea infestation so severe, her fur had worn into several patches. Her ears were caked with mites and had closed up. The veterinarian gently flushed her ears, so that they would open back up. Then Maizie received five doses of ear medication and her ears were cleaned daily by caring staff.

The treatment for worms can be tough on even a healthy cat's insides, but Maizie, who could now hear her name as well words of encouragement, seemed determined to make it through this difficult time in her life. It seemed Maizie really wanted to mend, and now that she was able to receive the medical help she so desperately needed, was healing very nicely. It's because of your gifts to the Pet Care Project that Maizie made it and was adopted into a new home where she became fast friends with another cat who had needed a companion to play with.

    Rocky Road is a 10 week old male Australian Shepard Mix Puppy. Affectionately named, because of his coloring, by the staff here at CVHS. He came to the shelter while his owners were visiting from West Virginia. Unfortunately he was taken away from his mother at the very early age of three weeks old. Because little Rocky Road was taken away, he was not able to receive the nutrients required for a young , growing pup and it was discovered that he had roundworm, a hairline fracture in his right hind leg and kennel cough which is sneezing and a runny nose and cough.

Luckily CVHS was able to find a foster home for Rocky Road until the time he can be adopted. He has flourished in his foster home and has shown his true personality. While being self-assured, independent and dominant, he is a sweet boy who, at times, enjoys the companionship of his foster parent.

Thanks to the generous donations of caring supporters such as yourself, Rocky Road will be able to find a loving and caring home that will continue to work with him and show him the love and attention that he truly deserves and is looking for.

    A sweet young puppy, "Simon" came to us with very life-threatening injuries. His collar had not been adjusted as he'd grown, and it grew into his skin. His former owners tried to remove it too late, causing serious injury. We rushed Simon to emergency surgery. His recuperation required multiple follow-up visits to the veterinarian and Simon spent over a month recuperating in a loving foster home. Simon's rescue was just in time, as he most likely would have strangled within a week.
    Even with a veterinary discount, Simon's medical expenses totaled more than $1,000. The PET CARE PROJECT helped save Simon's life.

    A caring Somersworth citizen brought "George" in one morning. George had been hit by a car and left by the side of the road right in the middle of town. Luckily, a Good Samaritan saw him and brought him to CVHS.
    When we first saw George, his beautiful red tabby coat was filthy, his eye was hanging out of its socket, and his hind leg was broken in several places. We rushed him to Central Park Veterinary Clinic, where his leg was pinned, his eye removed, and he was neutered. During his eight weeks of cage rest, recuperation, and TLC, George was housed by one of our great foster homes - where it was discovered George is a closet snuggle bunny and has a great purr.
    When well enough to be adopted, he did come back to the shelter and was quickly adopted into a loving home. He is happy to have been spared thanks to the Good Samaritan and the PET CARE PROJECT.

    Take a look at Sam, a handsome 7 year-old, long haired, Red Mac Tabby cat with striking white markings. This sociable neutered male has been through a lot in the past few weeks.

When Sam came to CVHS, he had been living in a car engine so he was very dirty and greasy and worse, in terrible pain. Shelter staff first noticed that the tip of his tail had been damaged when they
began doing their check-up and cleaning Sam up. Upon examination by a local vet it was determined that his tail had been caught in something and was so severely damaged that the best treatment would be to amputate the tip of his tail.

Since having the tip of his tail amputated, Sam has began to show signs of being his old self again. He has his moments when he craved attention and other moments when he is quiet and Independent.

Sam has only been at CVHS for a few weeks, and he is still looking for a loving home, but with such an irresistible face and great personality he will be an asset to any home

    What a pair of 10 year-olds Nikki and Nolan make. Now healthy and living in a loving new home, they had a very rough time just a few months ago. They came to CVHS after their owner passed away and the family members who were taking care of them became ill.

Very sick them selves, Both of these very lovable poodles were in need of some medical treatment. Both Nikki and Nolan had large masses on their stomachs and were having a very hard time eating.

After being taken to the vet, the masses that both these dog had on their undersides were removed and determined to be benign. Also the veterinarian was able to fix their eating problem with a thorough teeth cleaning.

Now healthy and able to enjoy their food, Nikki and Nolan came back to the shelter happy, craving attention and closer then ever.

After spending some time with both these wonderful dogs it was evident to the shelter staff that they would need to find a home together. They had been together for so long that it wasn't fair to split them up now. Now that we knew what type of home Nikki and Nolan needed, we knew that it might take a little longer to find that perfect home for two poodles.

Thankfully on a beautiful November day, Nikki and Nolan's new owners wandered into the shelter. It was both a happy and sad day for the staff at CVHS because after spending 2 1/2 months and may vet visits with these 2 beautiful dogs, it was very hard to say good-bye to them.

What makes it easier for us here at the shelter is knowing that they went to a loving and caring home. The donations we receive for the Pet Care Project allowed CVHS to give Nikki and Nolan the medical treatment they needed.

    These are a few of the many profiles of animals brought to, or rescued by the Cocheco Valley Humane Society (CVHS). Some level of medical assistance is needed by more than 50% of the animals that come through the society's door.
    Funds are always tight, and the need is always great. Donations to the PET CARE PROJECT help support pet medical expenses. Supporters of this program give above and beyond their membership gift. Some donate a single gift annually, others prefer to be billed by CVHS quarterly. To help heal homeless animals at CVHS, click here and print the form and mail it to:
The Pet Care Project
Cocheco Valley Humane Society
262 County Farm Road, Dover, NH

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