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Our largest contribution to feeding the animals at the shelter comes from Bingo. Bingo is held each Saturday night and requires a large number of volunteers to run. If you can help once a month for even a few hours, please contact us.

Office Work

Do you have computer skills or know your way around the office? Is the sound of ringing phones and fax machines music to your ears? We need you! The office here is small, but we certainly make up for it in the volumes of work we do. We are forever on the lookout for cheerful, energetic people who are willing to give us a few hours a week. Benefits such as a grateful office staff and reasonably good coffee are always plentiful. You may also be interested in helping out our newsletter crew.

Adoption/Spay-Neuter Call Backs

Staff and volunteers are always happy to see one of our furry friends find a new home. It is important to us that family and animals alike are happy and doing well. For this reason, we make it a practice to keep in touch. Approximately two weeks after an adoption, we call to ask if we can answer any questions or offer any advice if needed. Call backs are also made to check on whether the animals has been spayed or neutered. This is very important to the shelter as we want to make sure no new litters of potentially homeless animals are born. These services are a very important part of our shelter and we can never have enough help where the happiness of our animals and the new adoptive parents are concerned.

Special Events

As special events volunteer you will help with the implementation of various fund-raisers throughout the year. Some events can take up to 30 people to make them happen. Money raised from events is what keeps the shelter running. Your help is really needed here--plus our events are really fun.

Poster Bandits

Every event needs advertising! Without our Poster Bandits, no one would know all the great things we do. Poster Bandits distribute posters and flyers around the community to help publicize our events.

General Repairs and Grounds Work

Are you a handyman or a gardener? We need help keeping in shape. If you're handy with a hammer and screwdriver or enjoy light yard work or gardening, we can keep you busy.

Animal Care Givers

Animal care volunteers may have one of the toughest jobs at our, or any shelter. If you are averse to hard work, hair balls, bleach, scrub brushes, grooming tools, cold or hot weather, rain or snowstorms, this may not be your cup of tea. If, however, you can help keep the facilities clean for these wonderful creatures, enjoy the loving look you get when you give them a good meal, enjoy a walk with a very grateful puppy, give a well needed grooming to one of our kitties or play ball in the back yard for a little exercise (great for you as well as the animal), then this is the place for you.

Foster Parent

Do you have basic knowledge of dogs, cats or exotic pets; do you love to travel and find owning a pet would be too difficult? Do you have slight allergies that prevent you for owning a pet for life? We may have an answerfor you. Foster Parents temporarily care for pets that may still be too young for adoption or need recuperation time from a minor illness or surgery until a permanent placement is possible. If you have room in your home as well as your heart, give us a call.

There are so many ways that you can help CVHS reach out to both the homeless animals and the community. CVHS asks that all volunteers agree to a 6 month commitment, giving a minimum of 4 hours per month. Volunteers are more than welcome to put in more time if they so choose. We also ask that volunteers agree to set and maintain a monthly schedule.

If you can make a minimum 6 month commitment and are at least 12 years old*, we would love to talk to you. Will you sign up now? Call Jodi at 749-5322 or fill out this special On-Line Volunteer Application.

* Due to state labor laws, no one under age 12 may volunteer. Ages 12-15 must have a parent or legal guardian volunteer with them at all times. Youth volunteers ages 12-15 are also required by the Dept of Labor to have on file a completed Employment Certificate before putting in volunteer hours. Certificate Applications are available with the Volunteer Coordinator.

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