November 2003

NH Feline Fanciers 9th Winter CFA Cat Show

Posted Tuesday, November 18, 2003 by cvhs

January 24-25, 2004 marks the 9th Winter CFA Cat Show. Sponsored by the New Hampshire Feline Fanciers this event will be held at the Dover Middle School. For more information Click here.

Closing date for entries is January 17, 2004. Visit the New Hampshire Feline Fanciers website at

The NHFF is a major contributor to CVHS and we urge you to participate or attend this event.


Posted Thursday, November 13, 2003 by cvhs

DOVER, N.H., – Pattycake, the 8-year old stray dog found in Milton underwent orthopaedic surgery on a fractured femur. The dog had been struck by a car, rescued and transported by Milton Animal Control Officer, Richard Morin, to Animal Medical Center, the emergency clinic in Portsmouth on October 21. The following day, she arrived at Cocheco Valley Humane Society and was taken immediately to Animal Health Center in Rochester where she received the surgery.

“I visited her before she went in to surgery, and she was barking and trying to be mobile as best she could,” said Elizabeth Fourar-Laidi, Executive Director for CVHS. A specialist was brought in to Animal Health Center in Rochester to conduct the operation. The staff at Animal Health Center is also giving Pattycake an improved smile by donating some much-needed dental work for the dog.

“She’s in a foster home now getting a lot of T.L.C. and socializing with other pets in the household,” commented Maureen Dexter, Animal Care Manager for CVHS.

The dog’s previous owners were located but felt they couldn’t take on the expense of the dog’s surgery and post-operative care. In the best interest of their dog, they decided it was best to turn her over to CVHS to try to get the help she needed.

“We’d like to thank the public for donations thus far for the extra care this dog will need,” said Fourar-Laidi. Cocheco Valley Humane Society has received several calls out of concern for Pattycake and is grateful to the public; however is still in need of additional funding to help defray the cost Pattycake’s surgery as well as surgery for another dog, Skyler, a 5-6 year old, Husky cross girl who requires an operation to eliminate the pain she feels in both of her hind legs.

“Skyler will need surgery for her cruciate ligaments,” said Dexter. “The dog has been in a foster home for three weeks and is being given Rimadyl, a painkiller, to keep her comfortable,” added Dexter. The cruciate surgery will cost an estimated $2000 and the dog will have to undergo two surgeries, one leg at a time.

“We won’t leave her on pain killers for too long as there can be complications. Masking the pain can often lead to the dog feeling good enough to leap or do something just a bit too active. And, if used too long, some medicines may wear on the dog’s stomach lining,” suggested Dexter.

According to Dexter, CVHS sees at the very least one case a month where an animal is in need of specialized surgery. The total bill for both dogs is expected to be $3000, and CVHS needs donations to help cover the cost.

The Pet Care Project was established to fund animals at CVHS who are in need of costly medical assistance, like Skyler and Pattycake. There is always a constant need for donations to the fund. The Pet Care Project offsets the costs of all specialized surgeries as well as operations for those animals requiring spay-neuter prior to adoptions, post-operative care and prescription medicines.

To make a tax-deductible donation to help Skyler, Pattycake, and other special needs animals, please mail a check payable to Cocheco Valley Humane Society at 262 County Farm Road in Dover, New Hampshire 03820-6043. For more information call the shelter at (603) 749-5322, option 5, or visit their website at

Cocheco Valley Humane Society is a 501 (c ) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless animals through sheltering, adoption, education, and rescue and strengthening the human-animal bond.

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November is National Shelter Appreciation Month

Posted Thursday, November 13, 2003 by cvhs

November is National Shelter Appreciation Month, now is the time to show your support! Donations are always being accepted at CVHS, but with winter and cold weather upon us, the needs of the animals becomes greater as does the amount of work required of the shelter staff.

Show your support by donating today!

Our wish list has recently been updated, so please take a look and see how you can help. Or stop by the shelter to see the staff doing what they do best, say thank you for the work that they do or give a hand and ask how to be a volunteer.

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