November 2004

CVHS Adoption Success Story

Posted Wednesday, November 10, 2004 by cvhs

We adopted Jake (formerly King) from Cocheco Valley Humane in late September 2004. Our first stop was PetCo where Jake picked out his bed, and all the other necessities. October came fast and we jumped right into SOCIALIZATION. He played with 2 beagles, 2 cockapoos, our nieces and nephews, and other various dogs, children and adults. Jake spends his days with Dad at the shop greeting customers and keeping things lively for those working. He spends his nights at home with both Mom and Dad… usually curled up on the couch on top of both of us. He LOVES to go outside, play and run. We take him for long walks through the woods. He loves to greet and play with other dogs. He is currently in obedience training and LOVES it. He gets to see his doggy friends each week and learn. He’s a HAM at the Veterinary Hospital. He’ll let you poke and prod him all you want, as long as you keep feeding him those yummy biscuits. We had the vet micro-chip him and we were expecting a YELP once the needle went in… but we heard NOTHING from Jake (except for the crunching on his biscuits being fed to him).

When someone comes to the door, he wiggles his butt and crouches to be pet (submissive-style). The neighboring dogs love him. Jake was outside one day when one of the yorkies next door just waddled right up to him. To Jake’s surprise, this little dog had no fear and just wanted to play as well. The Yorkie held his own against Jakes monstrous paws. After Halloween, we were going to throw our gourds in the trash, but Jake wanted to play and tear them apart first. Our neighbors probably thought we were crazy throwing gourds around the yard for our dog to chase.

We trained Jake to stay off the couches and the beds, but we are weak and have since succumbed to his cuteness. He’s on the couch with us now. We couldn’t resist him. Now we are kicking ourselves because when that PAW hits you (out of the blue) with 35lbs of pure DOG behind it, you feel as though your spleen is being punctured… but you learn to love the pain.

Jake is a WONDERFUL addition to our family. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

We are so thankful there are places like Cocheco Valley Humane Society to place animals with loving families.


Heather Fohlin & Wayne Berry

Cocheco Valley Humane Society

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