Adoption Guidelines

1. Animals adopted from the Cocheco Valley Humane Society are required to be spayed or neutered.

2. Adopted animals will be placed with adults, at least 21 years of age, as companion pets.

3. Animals may be adopted as gifts. The application shall be filled out accordingly as to where and with whom the animal will live. Once the application has been approved, it will be necessary for the recipient to meet and approve of the animal as well as the adoption.

4. Pet policies are verified for rental and leased homes or property.

5. Adopted animals must be kept in accordance with local animal ordinances. License and vaccination laws must be followed. For dogs, the leash law must be followed. For cats, trespass laws must be followed. In addition, animals already in the home must be kept in accordance with local ordinances.

6. Photo identification verifying adopter's name and current address is required.

7. Adopted animals are to be outdoors in the yard for exercise purposes only.

8. Throughout the life of the pet, adopters must provide sufficient food, water, shelter, social interaction, and veterinary care.

9. Certain breeds of cats and dogs require a calm environment. The presence of very young children may be a consideration for adoption.

These adoption guidelines help to ensure a mutually compatible placement for both pet and adopter. In all cases, the individual needs of the animal and patron are considered. We reserve the right to refuse adoption of an animal to anyone not able to comply with these guidelines.


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