CVHS Board and Staff Members

Board of Directors

Rachel Copeland, Chair
Eric Kilchenstein, Vice Chair
Cindy Edwards, Treasurer
Carrie L. Conway, Secretary

Ben Adams
Virginia Kuziomko
Marga Coulp
Jennifer Stauffis
Karen Zaramba
Virginia Kuziomko
Sarah Proctor, DVM
Allison Powers, Anthrozoologist Consultant and University of New Hampshire Liaison



Renee Mack, Shelter Manager, [email protected], ext 103
Laura Corlin-Haugh, Assistant Shelter Manager [email protected], ext 104
Karyn Lesinski, Veterinary Technician, [email protected]
Tabitha Robbins, Veterinary Assistant
Mary Goyette, Humane Education Outreach Coordinator, [email protected], ext. 111
Deb Shelton, Development Director, [email protected], ext. 106
Katherine Fisher, Development Associate & Volunteer Coordinator, [email protected], ext. 113
Suzanne Mello, Office Manager, [email protected], ext. 101
Janet Quintero, Executive Assistant, [email protected], ext. 112

Miguel Catala, Animal Care Technician
Mariah Lariviere, Animal Care Technician/ Adoption Counselor
Mackenzie McDermott, Animal Care Technician
Brianna Bubar, Animal Care Technician
Sondra Leary, Animal Care Technician
Ashley Mazgelis, Animal Care Technician 
Olivia Garcia, Animal Care Technician 




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