Great Falls Veterinary Hospital Memorial Donations

Donations by Great Falls Veterinary Hospital in memory of their clients’ beloved pets.

Donations received March 2016

Roscoe Smokey
Matthew Corbin Debra and Terry Flanders
Pilote and Rosa Hickory
Mary and Lester Connors Alicia and Sam Hopkins
Logan Sasha
Wendy St. Jean Belinda and Peter Labourdette
Smokey Peach
Jack Quinn and Susan Huff Jonathan and Katyanna Zink
Moxie Sunny
Tom Place Brian Trongean
Madeline Jonah
Samantha Wibel Lee and Carrie Ely
Charlie Linguillo
Betsy and James Cozine Karen and Harvey Bernier
Kaylee Zeus
Scott and Tommie Marshall Melanie and Matt Pepler
Tazz Hunter
Sharon Biron Erika Martin and Jen Arrajj
Dusty Graham
Kristina Circhon Lisa Pollard and family
Emma Cheetah
Brendan and Kate Dolan Alice Moriarty and Shelley Mahoit
Angel April May
Lisa Auger Eleanor and Bob Sanborn
Sadies Star
Brent Perry and Christine Richardson Camille Young-Martin and JP
Tantrum Chloe Jean
Mary and Mike Fortier and family Betsy Donohue
Acadia Hobbes
Jeanne Bald Donna and Rick Brownley
Snoopy Tux
Jane Ryan Sonya and Ed Boucher
Phoebe Preston and Zoe
Jay and Beth Richard and family Nancy Snow and Chris
Blackie Cole
Kayla Springer Michael and Louise Watman
Sadie Jazzabelle
Lisa and Mike Doherty  Karen and Alan Volpe
Pete Margot
Diane and Ken Mcilvaine Elliot and John Moore
Libby Misty
Rhonda Vincent Nancy Cronin
Fenway Shadow
Ryan and Jen Leary James and Susan Prang and family
Mr. Kitty Mitsy
Melanie and Matt Pepler Linda Dernetz
Lucy Baby
Emily Murphy and Marc Sutherland Patricia Landry
Pooh Nala
Theresa and Conrad St. Laurent Arnold and Kim Clement
Miss Kitty Chuck
Richard and Doris Lagueux Kristen and Chris Montesana


Meiko Wilma
Yvette Melling Catherine King
Snuggles Kiki
Anita Irving and Mike Dunham Stephanie Milaszewski and Donny Sullivan
Jasmin Tinkerbelle
Clarence Halsey and Family Emily Holmes
Taylor Smokey
Kathleen Young and Family Darcy Marston
Phinneaus Jack
Shanna Horsley and Ron Dixon Tim McGuam and Laura Lee
Oreo Narfoon
Margaret Buckingham Robert and Sally Puth
Charley Zoe
Meg Coburn Kelly Sullivan
Troopurr Emma
Ken and Elizabeth Brunette Christina and Keith Perkins
Oakley Blue
Michelle and Ron Middangh Charles and Michelle Sprague
Bear Ricky
Ken and Karen McIlvaine Sue and George Patrakis
Kiki-ann Paws
Don Routhier Mary and Roger Jaques
Dallas Angus
Dorothy and Richard Cassidy Patricia Sherwood
Mr. Kitty Lexi
Judy and Pierre Poligni Ernie and Sheila Gollant
Daisy Jack
Kathy and Jeff Wynot Don and Amita French
Annie Princess
Dianne and Marty Canney Theresa and John Trumball
Laci Maggie
Marie and Donn Calvi Juliet and Jeff Parlar
Angelina Rudy
Penny Murray Jannie and Paul Pratt
Caesar Oreo
Jim and Rosita Wiggins Lauri and Bruce Ferguson
Sam Boo
Michael and Michele Houle Michelle and Alex Bisset
Lily Jed
James and Brandy Lampron Craig Edmunds and Family
Hamilton Asa
Ann-Marie Perin Jaci Lawson
Rocky Roxie
Karen and Robin Kilgore Kim Morris and Jodi
Ollie Sammy
Kristin and Zim Vaillancourt Sue and Anastasios Dangas
Lucy Mozart
Lando Land Judi and Christopher Chesley
Dixie Sassy
Peter Lewis and Family Gloria Miller
Lily Buddy
Christine and Mark Colonna Loretta Anderson and Bob Gibron
Zak Chloie
Richard Morse Christel Pond and Raymond
Toby Mitzy
Jean Partin Michael Pelletier
Dyna Charlie
Susan Jacobson Sue and Anthony Vinciguerra
Captain Buddy
Dan Hodsdon Cathy Burns
Sam Jake
Sarah and Boyd Watkins Stephanie and Derek White
Buddy LJ
Dawn Lapierre and Brent Reardon Michele and Michael Houle
Smokey Maxx
Jack Quinn and Susan Huff Jean and Ricard Main
Tarra and Don Walker  



Donations received July 2015


Wyatt Hendrix
Jen Pachas Rocco Pay-Giampiatro and Linda
Bindy Annie
Taylore Kelly and Jerry Garay Pat and Kevin Breton and Family
Maui Caylee
Angela Chamberlin David and Lisa Cummings
Sparky Damien
Chris Beane, Martin, and James Debra and William Stanley
Sasha Buddy
David and Maryanne Enright Robert and Lyn Martin
Spooky Gus
Robert and Deborah Oelschlager Travis Parent and David Burgess
Ben Brownie
Heather and Matthew Dovholuk Danielle Manning
Lilly Cleo
Amy and Mark McGuire Linda Frizzi
Lily Rusty
Anne and Jim Tobin and Family Dana Atkinson
Sassy Dreamer
Chris Beliveau Krista Meyer
Cloe Daisy
Mary Walsh Kelly Brady and Nikolai Dubois
Rusty Rosie
Betsy Donahue Peter and Barbara Hashom
Ranger Cinnamon
Chayna and Vinnie Drapeau Florence and Kevin Mane
Timmy Sabrina
Sharon Hibbard Connie Morley
Mittens Ruby
Cheryl Marsilais Sean and Jessica Collins
Diva Nellie
Maria Aichele Edith and Gary Dehart
Ice Billy
Michelle and Peter Elliot David and Tina Torr
Salem Bandit
Dennis and Shirley Souley Lenwood and Melanie Cole
Mary Splotchie
Linda Fallon Rebecaa and Geoff Chasse
Jill Meggie
Majorie Wolfron and Neil Joanne and Daniel Conroy
Picaso Snuggles
Louise and Bert Martel Linda Kelsall
Skippy Osiris
Norman Labbe Patricia Barett
Cassie Sophie
Jerry Domenico Carol and Tom Planche
Izzy Jake
Rianne and Shayne Steed Patrick Cyr
Willy Cali
Carmen Lefebvre Scott and Stephanie Loignon and Family
Mick Ruby
Michael and Michelle Zybert John Demers and Leslie Richards
Gizmo Rascal
Paula and Bill Fiandaca Debra and Richard Day
Mandarin Gus
Kristie and Jason Downer Kathy Buslovich
Storm Cloud Tasha
Kelly Brady and Nikolai Dubuis Betty Blair
Foxy Annie
Ken and Diane Mcilvaine Al and Sharon Poissant
Bentley Holly
Aimee Chenery Catherine and F.X. Berube
Jan and Bob Barber  



Donations received November 2014


Ruby Dakota
Tammy Bedard Chris and Diane Gorman
Dakota Hali
Wendy O'Sullivan Valerie and Cornelius Hobb
Logan Midnight
Diane and Burns Foley Kianah Arsenault
Tessa Molly
Jeanne Conroy and Daniel Turgeon Christina and Andy Wood
Coconut Gizmo
Linda Westinghouse and Peter Taylor Robert Oelshlogen Jr.
Ralph Angel Eyes
Robin Whitehouse William and Vikie Laber
Barney DJ
Joshua and Megan Meese Britz and Michael Irving
Tippy Walter
James and Terry Fitzpatrick Patrice Barrett
Sadie Jynx
Michelle Albion Lisa Lundborn
Seymour Nuchi
Debra and John Quinn Jynx and Calvin Hatchell
Bailey Muffin
Tracee and Greg Sawyer Marilyn Bennett
Storm Mo
Theresa Trumball Laurie Mills
Daisy Mae Ace
Donna and Michael Gauthier Meg and Chuck Sengenberger
Dozer Flounder
Melanie and Rock Bisson Kim Smith and Flounder
Kidder Queen Bee
Carol Buttersby Connie and David Economas
Saco Kit Kat
Alice Eldridge and Kelly Block Doris Lagueux
Skylar Senta
Adrian Schwidde and Kerry Donovan Michael and Lori Moulton
Roxy Frankey
Brenda Perkins Claire Powell and Family
Butch Liza
Ansel Crumbleholm Alice and Cheri Beansoleil
Mittens Trinket
Brian and Patrice Payeur Ashlyn, Pauline, and Jeffery Friars
Sweet Pea  
Elizabeth and Chris Lowell  



Donations received July 2014


Jasmine Vinny
Sigrun Gustafson and Family Andrea and Lance Byram
Bo Java
Michelle and Mike Champagne Lydia and Alex Stash
Cosmo Rowdy
Summer Brown Charles Drost
Albert Ribbons
Samantha Wibel James and Susan Prange
Isiah Pooh
Todd and Jennie Berry Aaron Reddish
Clawdia Bandit
Kathy Spates Amy Lemelin
Rusty Simba
Cheryl and Scott Richardson Edna and Charles Cyr
Morgan Bella Jean
Angela Grant and Family Annie Beaduoin
Pete Albert
Bridgette Morrison Debra and Joseph DeKerne
Salem Buddy
Linda Fallon Placide and Janay Nadeau
Cyrus Toby
Sandra and Girard Farrell Kat Auger and John Taylor
Scooter Sammy
Jolene Eaton and Family Mary Margaret and Bryan Cahoun
Gizmo Spaz
Maria and John Norton Malcolm and Kathleen Follansbee
Pepper Jake
Heather Martel Stephen and Rebecca Theoret
Adrian Kitty Cat
Ida and Jon Marciano Kathie Howard
Sophie Spencer
Taryn and Hank Decken Philip Rainvilla
Sadie Spanky
Tim Sherry and Alice Belfiore Suzanne and Kevin Gorham
Sassy Angus
Forest Comeau Liz Warner
Pugsley Tessa
Sharon and Rich Clement Pat and Ron Lehoullier
Radar Murphy
Jessica Sheldon Nicole and Tom Toye
Skitter Bob
Lyndsay Rubin Kayla Stevens and Nolan Buck
Emily Mac Gyvar
Sharon and Robert Letture Lynda and Harold Ellingwood
Misty Scooter
Colleen Hart and Family Gloria and Hank Feenstra
Maximus Fizzaro
Stephanie Barnes Debbie and Doug Emerson
Panda Bear Smokey
Billie Bickford Nancy Cronin
Scooter Samantha
Mike Patterson Kelly Brady and Nicolai Dubois
Little One Rob
Wendy O'Malley Diane and Ken Mcilvaine
Koda Cody
Meredith and David Winship Silas Gordon
Charlie Blueberry
Tricia and Scott Garton Sean Collins and Jessica Parady


Donations received on 2/15/2014

Dude Rex
R. Wayne Campbell Jody Smith and Dan Curran
Buster Jasper
Amber Perry and Kristopher Berry Robert and Elena Newman
Tarzan Charlie
Maria and Manuel Duenas Pamela and Scott Noodman
Purriel Zeke
Nola and Joseph Messier Christine Jones and family
Maggie Boomer
Jim and Kim McGovern Ann Downard
Jewel Lhotse
Derek and Andrea Gould Helen and Hiram Connell
Teddy Haley Marie
Nadine and Richard Wamsley Allen and Karen Patterson
Neelia Floof
Kathleen and Richard Thompson Debra Chasse
Teddy Chloe
Scot and Christina Wellington David and Sheila Gagne and family
Chester Butterscotch and Finn
Chayna Drapau Leslye Dedopoubus
Cosmo Cassie
Mary Goyette Colleen Carter
Abby Princess
Nancy Craig Needham Sabrina Paradis
Snoopy Shemp
Kay Phinney Carolyn and Tim Burns
Lucy Abby
Theresa and David Proia and family Alan and Karen Volpe
Tabby Emma
Kianah Arsenault Claude and Judy Saddler
Charlie Harley
Ed and Kate Burzon Connie Roy
Midnight Fluffy
Dan and Megan Atkins Scott Small
Tolby Tootsie
Melanie Furlong Charlotte DesRoches and John Harte
Meeko Sadie
Scott and Annette Badger Sally Riley
Bear Daisy
Gail Salvatore Cheryl and Mike Rudolf
Mandy Bud
Tracy Brown Gisele and William Lesmerises
Jazz Ferret Boy
Kenneth Martin and Russell Moyer Caitlin Sabins
Licwish Two Shoes
Lori and David Napolitano Wayne and Jennifer Bosto


Donations received on 11/17/2013

Luna Pepe
Linda and John O'Connor Francis Riggio
Corey Shadow
Diane and Bill Griffith Alexander and Deanna Seebaugh
Bud Moss Rocko
Suzanne Boutin Debora and James Francoeur
Gizmo Sargent and Trey
Colleen Hart Denise Krekorian
Nina Camden
Todd and Jennie Berry Jeanne Bald
Bosco Willey
Emily Sylvain Arnold and Rosann Buston
Athena Cow Cat
Elise Shea Connie Booth
Jackson Brie
Allison and Marv Speidel Linda and William Place
Miss Kitty Casey
Ralph and Christine Russo Dale Keays
Missy Rascal
Barbara Doria Bethany and James Stuart
Mother Cleo
Barbara Tarvainen Theresa Montgomery
Bella Sophie
Karen and Jim Welch Claude and Carol Larglois
Teddy Gizmo
Christine and Mark Colonna James and Denise Washok
Mia Lincoln
Sandy Crockett Leslie and Dennis Letourneau
Tucker Mama's
Elizabeth and Jamie Kelly Wayne Butler
Smokey Roxy
Francis Linzey Douglas Fisk and Family
Milo Black Cat
Debbie and Steve Scotton Robin Brown and Family
Mr. Binx Rocky
Shari and Jim Starkey Donna and Jeff Hapgood
Madeline Muffin
Gail Ainsworth Linda Kearney
Indy Jaspar
Nate Legere Mary Standish
Lucy Lu Butterynut
Christina LaRoche Lise Augar
Fefe and Ruth Camo
Susan Jameson and Jeff Newsky Darlene and Shane Bickford
Toby Bijoux
Diane and William Rogers Robert and Yvonne Martel and Teresa Hartford
Molly Bertha
Loretta Anderson and Robert Gibson Chuck Trainor

Donations received on 8/25/2013

Mitzy Edward                                                  
Katherine Oroh Marianna Stewart and Family
Chewey Bentley
Laurie and Blaise Beakes Sarah Mercier and Kyle Labbe
Smokey Lilly
Tamarra Knox Tammy Bedard
China Diablo
Ann Manoliadis Lynn and Jean Lavoie
Kannika Wolf
Salvatore and Linda Longo Dot Lemke
Sadie Isabella
Rick and Monica Gagne Giles and Georgette Cartier
Benny Charlie
Rosemary Lambert Christine Maguire
Angelina Tanner
Kathy Buslovich Kerry McDermott and Paula Bovin
Oliver Nitro
Linda and John Kane Betsy Christy
Sammy Twix
Summer Brown Marie and Kevin Miller
Bubba Angel
Collen Hart Michael Moulton and Lori Poulin
Apache Morris
Keith Hanlon and Family Michelle and James Dumas
Grayson Ozzy
Dee and Kevin McEneany Dona and Paul Plourde
Romeo Jic Jac
Marie Martel Shari Starkey and Jim Martino
Max Mick
Roxanne Bonito-Gordon and Family Gary and Gayle Petron
Britney Sweet Pea
Bruce Dubois and Family Sharon and Rick Clement
Brandy Sadie
Kristina and John Silverio Alicia and Sam Hopkins
Hannah Hutch
Robert and Jeanne Carignan Tracy Swett
Dre Marty
Dorothy and David Hunt Camille Young and JP Martin
Patches Zoe
Caroline Osteen Melinda and David Baily

Donations received on 02/22/2013

Kodiak Fletcher
Ray and Sharon Gamble Amy Beathena-Strong and Lori
Dixie Cocoa
John and Laurie Maranda FX and Catherine Berube
Gladys Scrapper
Kate Knight Barbara Daria
Timothy Dupuis Bella
Twizzle Clyde and Pat Coolidge
Elizabeth Brucket Odie
Max Lee Pike and Family
Michelle Vachin-Bredon and Patrick Cocoa
Ivy Loretta Anderson
Kelly Brody Robert Gibson
Nikolai Dubois Buddy
Mandy Mae Woody Argerow
Henry Jackman Diego
Regan Jim and Linda McKenna
Jim and Julia Sabol Jack
Lizzie Kevin and Dee McEneaney
Carol MacDonald Lucky
Sophie Momma
Sam and Alicia Hopkins Sharon Rich and Ricky Clement
Riley Kayla Boudrew
Scott and Christine Wellington Garfield
Pinney Lacquora Horan
Cathy Burns Anakin
Lilly Emerson Bennett
Teva Gerald
Pete and Ronie Perkins David and Wilma Martel
Tucker Cleo
Anthony and Katherine Jackson Mark and Christine Colonna
Max Admiral
Steven and Lisa Pollard Roxanne Bonito-Groudon
Lucky Jasmine
Elizabeth Strom Patricia Friars
Charles Seppala Sr. Lokie
Patches Joshua Fournier
Shannon Nichol Lady
Wilbur Norman Mello
Yvonne Doughty Connie
Jesse Travis Parent
Pam Skidmore David Burgess
Leo Bille Joe
Roger and Denise Vachon Britta and Janice York
Sunny Whisper
John and Linda O'Connor Henry and Cynthia Choate
Frances D.C.
Debra Chasse Josh and Joanne Merrill
Victor and Bonnie Togliatti  

Donations received on 10/03/2012

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