Making a Monthly Gift

Giving monthly allows you to automatically make regular contributions.  As a monthly donor, you have the option of an automatic debit from your credit card, checking account, savings account, or you can choose to mail in a check or money order each month.

It’s simple and convenient!
By giving regularly, you’ll receive the satisfaction and good feeling of supporting Cocheco Valley Humane Society without having to initiate a contribution each time. 
Your monthly gift provides Cocheco Valley Humane Society with regular and reliable income and assist in funding shelter operations such as utilities, cleaning supplies, food, medicine, vaccines, kennel supplies, and other necessities that are an important part of our $790,000.00 operating budget.  
To get started, simply print out the form HERE or contact Cocheco Valley Humane Society and start your monthly giving today!  Give regularly at one of these levels, or create your own level!
• Give $5 per month
• Give $10 per month
• Give $25 per month
• Give $50 per month
• Give $100 per month
• Give $250 per month
• Give $500 per month
• Give $1,000 per month
If you have any questions, please contact Janet Quintero, Executive and Development Assistant,  at 603-749-5322 ext.112 or [email protected]

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