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Small Animals Available for Adoption

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 Banana Nut
Breed: American Mix

Easy going and just plain wonderful! I would be a great addition to the home thinking about having their first bunny!  I like to be held as long as we can go slow at first and am a neat little housekeeper.

Age: 1 Year Sex:NM Date Arrived: 11/16/10



Breed: Mini Lop

Fiona is such a sweet rabbit! She is used to being handled, and would make an excellent first rabbit. She came from a home with too many animals, so she is looking for a home where she can get more attention. She would do well as an indoor only rabbit, or with access to the outdoors.

Age: 5 Years (approx) Sex: SF Date Arrived: 12/1/10



Breed: Dwarf Hamster

Skeepy came from a home where he did not get much attention. He can be handled, but would do best in a home that has hamster experience.

Age: 9 Months (approx) Sex: M Date Arrived: 11/30/10



Breed: Lionhead  Mix

A wonderful bun, I love my buddy Dell and am so hoping we can move into a new home together! Do you have room for both beautiful buns!?
Reason for being here: Owner Allergies

Age: 2 Years (approx) Sex: SF Date Arrived: 11/9/2010



Breed: Netherland Dwarf  Mix

A little shy at first, I am hoping for a home with some experience with rabbits to settle me in. I am easy to handle once I am comfortable. Another rabbit may be good for me, so bring in any suitors for me to meet!

Age: 2 Years (approx) Sex: SF Date Arrived: 11/9/2010


Breed: Dwarf

Galaxy would do well in a home with rabbit experience. She can be protective of her cage. She is used to living indoors and is used to living with dogs and children.
Reason for being here: Owner Allergies

Age: 3 Years Sex: SF Date Arrived: 9-30-10


Breed: American/Rex

Just like her sister Triscuit, Ritz is easily handled and gets along great with other rabbits. She would love to find a home with Triscuit.
Reason for being here: Moving

Age: 2 Years Sex: SF Date Arrived: 9-2-10


Breed: American/Rex

I am great with other rabbits! I would really like to find a home where I can stay with my friend Ritz. I have lived outdoors in my previous home, but would love to try and indoor home where I can be a part of your family.
Age: 2 Years Sex: SF Date Arrived: 9-2-10


Breed: Dutch X

Peter is a friednly boy that is used to being an indoor bunny. He is easily handled. 

Reason for being here: Moving

Age: 1 Years Sex: NM Date Arrived: 9-17-10


  Mr. Marbles
Breed: English Spot X

I am a wonderful bunny! I have previously been both in and outdoor and have lived happily and successfully with many other rabbits! Please, spend some time with me and see how we get along!
Reason for being here: Moving

Age: 8 Months Sex: NM Date Arrived: 9-28-10


Breed: American Sable

Sadly, I was abandoned by my original and am now searching for a new loving home.  I am a little bit feisty at times but, do settle once I am comfortable.  I could live with another rabbit with a proper introduction.

Reason for being here: Abandoned

Age: 9 months Sex: SF  Date Arrived: 6/16/10



Breed: Dwarf/Hotot

Easy going overall, I am a gentle bunny. Still young,I am learning to be handled and do like it! I am also working on litterbox training and am doing pretty well so far.

Reason for being here: Transfer from another shelter

Age: 5 months Sex: SF  Date Arrived: 6/16/10


Males and Females

We recently just arrived, There are 10 to chose from. All
shapes sizes and colors.

Reason for being here: Too many Gerbils

Age: 4 months Sex: M and F Date Arrived: 6/10/10



Breed: Himalayan

I can be very mischevious, and love to play with cardboard boxes. I still need work on being handled, but with time and the right home I should do well.

Reason for being here: Too many rabbits

Age: 8 Months Sex: NM Date Arrived: 4-11-10


Breed: Californian

I would do best with a family who is willing to work on my social skills. I can be fearful at first and need time to warm up to new environments. I would love to be a house rabbit!

Reason for being here: Too many rabbits

Age: 7 Months Sex: NM Date Arrived: 4-11-10


Breed: Californian

I came from a home where there were too many rabbits. I am still learning to trust people and would do best in a rabbit saavy home. I am working on litterbox training.

Reason for being here: Too many rabbits

Age: 7 Months Sex: NM Date Arrived: 4-11-10


Breed: Dutch

 Can you believe I have been learning clicker training?! I love attention and am learning that being handled is okay. I am a bit on the nervous side and will be looking for a home with some previous bunny loving experience.

Reason for being here: Transferred from Another Shelter

Age: 7 Months Sex: SF Date Arrived: 3-16-10 


Breed: Mini Lop

Curious yet shy, I am a sweet, gentle reserved little girl. I do well with other rabbits here as well as being handled..as long as you go slow with me and let us get to meet each other before you pick me up.

Reason for being here: Not a good match

Age: 6 months Sex: NM Date Arrived: 8-6-10