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     At Cocheco Valley Humane Society, we love to get kids involved in helping the animals.  There is no group as passionate about animals as children... help the animal lovers in your life express their love for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and others by leading them in projects to help the homeless animals in our community.  We're happy to help, so contact the Humane Education Department at 603-749-5322, Ext.115 for more information!


Increasing The Kindness Quotient

     CVHS hopes to bring a humane ethic to children.  Promoting character traits like kindness, compassion and caring is a major step in helping children become kinder and gentler.  Here are some ideas to help parents and teachers alike bring a higher level of awareness about compassion to our children and students.

1. Discuss what it means to be kind.  Brainstorm and list all the different ways someone can be kind toward animals and people.

2. Explain that sometimes being kind is easy.  It may mean just saying something pleasant to someone.  Sometimes, though, being kind is harder.  It may mean you have to do more or give more.  For example, some people volunteer their time to help animals and other people.  That means giving up part of your day to work without pay, to help others.

3. Ask your child or student to make a list of ways they can be kinder. Remember, this is their list.  Let them decide what goes on the list.  The brainstorm list can be used to help build their personal list.

4. From their list, children can pick one or two things per month or week to work on, a goal to increase  their "kindness quotient".

5. At a scheduled time each week, revisit the list the child has made and ask them to share what they have  done to reach their goal. Let them know it is OK to add new ideas to their kindness list

Links For Parents, Educators and

 Group Leaders

These links were chosen to help those who guide children find activities,

lessons and project ideas.  Please contact Jane Kennedy, CVHS Humane

 Educator, at 603-749-5322, ext. 115 or email at [email protected] for more

information or assistance with your planning.


The American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals:   


TeachKind: http://


Institute For Humane Education: