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Hello, CVHS Volunteers!

This section of our website is devoted to you, and meant to keep you updated with the goings-on at CVHS. Check here to find out what's happening, and please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions about the information you see here. As always, we are so appreciative of the contributions you make to our organization. Your help make a substantial difference in the lives of the animals that find themselves under our care. Thank you so much for everything you do to help CVHS in our mission to make possible a better world for all animals by providing shelter, educating the community about humane care and treatment, advocating animal welfare, and promoting the human-animal bond.


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Volunteers Needed: 

Humane Education

Our Humane Education program  spreads the message of humane animal treatment to everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens. To help better meet the humane education needs of the community, we're looking to revamp the program. Do you enjoy working with children? Anyone who is interested in helping bring new ideas to the program is invited to attend a Humane Education meeting on February 10th at 5pm at the shelter . We will be going through the old materials, coming up with new ideas, and making plans to expand our program. Consider joining this important program and help us spread the message of humane animal treatment to the community! If you can't attend the meeting but wish to join the humane education email list, contact Alaina at [email protected].