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Pet Care Pointers: Homecoming Needs

     Yippee, skippy! You’re adopting a new pet! Are you ready? Have you thought about…

Food and Water: Cocheco Valley Humane Society sends you home with a small bag of food but you will need both food and water dishes for your new family member. After a few weeks if you want to change the food, do so gradually, blending the new food with the old until your pet is changed over.

Shelter and Bedding: Remember that every pet needs a place to call their own inside your home. A dog should have a crate as well a soft blanket or bed inside for sleep. This gives your new puppy a safe place to be when your family is not at home and prevents damage to your home. Cats like a snuggly bed too. Rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, rats and mice need a well constructed cage that is easy to clean and enough height for them to stretch and stand. Rabbits like hay for bedding. Guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils like wood chips. All small pets should be cleaned every other day.

Toys: Give your new friend a few safe inexpensive toys to start.  See if they are crunched into silence and destuffed.  Maybe your pet will keep them around for months without damage.  See what your pet does and what will work best for your pet.

Clean-up Supplies: Mistakes happen, especially in the first few weeks at home. Buy an odor neutralizer at the pet supply store and use it as directed to prevent future incidents.  Obviously, lots of opportunities to go outside will help any puppy or dog be more successful.  Give your cat easy access to their litter box too.

Veterinarian Care: Find a good animal doctor. Regular health care insures your animal’s health with regular vaccinations and check-up to catch possible problems early. Have your new dog or cat checked out by your veternarian shortly after the adoption. If your animal is not neutered or spayed, be sure to arrange to have this done as soon as possible.

Exercise and Play: Do you have time? Are you willing to walk your new dog at least twice a day for 20 to 30 minutes each time? Dogs need to go outside to go potty throughout their day. Will you have a place for your dog to run and play? Cats need attention and love to play too. Have a clean litter box available and cleaned at least every other day. Bunnies, guinea pigs and ferrets need to be petted and snuggled every day. Small animals need time to play and exercise inside your home too.

Microchip Your Pets...It's Their Ticket Home!

     Microchip your pet! It’s a ticket home when your dog or cat is lost! A microchip for your pet is like an animal’s insurance policy. If a dog or cat is lost, the microchip insures they will find their way home. When a shelter, animal control or veterinarian receives a lost pet, they “read” for microchip with a special device. From the microchip they can find out how to call the pet’s owner and get the animal back to his family home.

     When your pet is micro-chipped a trained technician places the tiny chip in the animal’s shoulder with an injection needle. This is quick and relatively pain-free.  Cocheco Valley Humane Society has micro-chipping clinics. Just check our website. Micro-chipping can easily be done at your next veterinary visit as well.

Pick up after your dog… It’s the law!

     Nothing is more disgusting than stepping in, well, dog pooh! Every dog, big and small, needs to relieve themselves! Going potty is just part of life! But if we leave that pooh on the ground it pollutes our water and dirties the environment. Dover and surrounding communities require that all owners pick up after their dog eliminates solid waste. Be sure to take bags when you walk your pet. After use be sure to take the bag home for proper disposal.

Thanks To All Our Cocheco Amigos!

We had lots of help from several groups this month.  As always, young people across the seacoast are a wonderful part of the CVHS family,  offering their time, money, and resources to help us help animals.

This month we say thanks to.......

Rochester Youth Safe Haven For Donations and A Great Visit!

Stratford School Who Came To Learn More About Our Shelter and Create A Video!

East Rochester Annex School For The Penny Drive Donation!

Tracy Boyle and Her Brownie Troop For Their Donations and Yummy Dog Treats!

Mrs. Tickle's Somersworth Middle School Class For Their Interest In Learning More About CVHS.

Sally Stewart and Her Junior Girl Scout Troop For Their Donations!

(The Wet-Dry Vacuum Is A Real Help - Thanks)

Cheryl Wismidee and The Rochester Middle School Students For Cleaning Our Small Animal Cages.

All The Parents and Young People Who Volunteer Together At Our Shelter,

Walking Dogs, Cleaning Cat and Small Animal Cages.