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Give It Your Best Shot! Tips For Fantastic Pet Pics!

     Do you have a dog that's just stinkin' cute?  How about a kitten that craves the spotlight?  Now you can take fantastic pictures.  Try these photo tips and soon you'll be shooting pictures like a pro! 

1. Get your pet's attention.  You want your cat or dog to look like he's paying attention with his ears perked up.  You can do this by rubbing your hands to together, snapping your fingers, holding up a treat or using a squeaky toy.

2. Don't have the pet look directly at the camera.  Hold the attention-getter in one hand and the camera in the other or have a friend help by holding the attention grabber.  This prevents red eye.

3.  Be patient.  Your pet doesn't know what you're trying to do so don't rush the session.  It might take several trys and more than one short session to get the shot you want.

4. Get down on the animal's level, like on your knees or lie down for the best shots.  Get in close for good detail and those cute close-ups.

5. Keep your background simple.  If you are outside, try a slightly overcast day so there are fewer shadows and less squints.  Cats should be photographed indoors. 

Got a Problem?  Ask CVHS Behavior Helpline!

     When a pet's conduct has you scratching your head, it's time to ask the CVHS Behavior Helpline. Email your questions to [email protected]

    Our cat is scratching up our furniture.  Why is he doing this? How can we get him to stop?  Frayed and Frustrated Couch Owner

     Cats like to scratch as you have been noticing!   It lets him mark his territory, stretch, exercise and shed the outer layers of his claws.  It's a healthy and normal behavior but he needs something other than the couch to scratch.  Try a scratching post, available at your local pet supply store.  There are also cardboard scratching stations for the floor.  Make these items easy to access near the trouble-spots in your home.  To protect furniture, place pieces of double sided tape on areas your cat tries to scratch the most.  If a cat scratches a lot, try regularly trimming your cat's nails.  Consult your veterinarian on pointers to trim a cat's nails safely and properly.  Ms. Trouble

     Our new puppy is a chewing machine.  She chews our shoes, my socks, the TV remote control and even my mom's purse!  Help!   Sockless Wonder

     Puppies are just darling but do they love to chew!  It relieves the pains of teething and helps them explore their world.  Rather than discouraging chewing altogether, provide your puppy with safe and appropriate objects for chewing.  Purchase a few toys from the pet supply store.  Some toys can be filled with food for a fun treat the puppy has to work at to obtain.  Don't let the puppy have access to things like shoes and socks (Yes, you may need to pick up!).  Keep inappropriate objects out of a puppy's reach.  You can prevent her from accessing certain parts of the home by setting up baby gates.  Use a dog crate to prevent damage when you are going to be gone and for a safe spot for your pup when you are away.  If you catch you puppy chewing something she shouldn't, make a loud noise to distract her and then replace the chewed item with an appropriate chew toy and praise her for chewing that.  Ms. Trouble

June Is Adopt A Cat Month!  Fees Are Reduced!

Want 2? Get 2 For The Price Of One!

Many Thanks To Our Cocheco Amigos!

   Every day Cocheco Valley Humane Society benefits from all the kind actions of our friends from schools and community groups.  Sasha the humane education dog gives a paw up this month to:

Somersworth Middle School:  Six young women who brought donations and toured our facility.  Your donations are already hard at work!

Susan Hoag and her Brownie Troop: Thanks for the donations and it was great meeting these caring young ladies!

Christina Beaulieu and her Brownie Troop: You all were a delight to meet and thanks for the support with your donations.

Sharon Butler and her Brownie Troop:  Thanks for all your questions during the tour!  You were great listeners and your kind donations made a difference for our animals!

Paula Perry and her Brownie Troop:  Sasha the dog had a barkin' good time visiting you!  We hope to see you a CVHS soon!  The treats were most appreciated in our dog room!

Darlene Shannon and Mary Busey Dover's Woodman Park Elementary Preschool Class:  What a bunch of cuties!  Everyone was a good listener and Sasha loved meeting your class!

Central Elementary School in South Berwick, ME WOW Program:  These students are a super crew who want to learn more about animals and how they can help!  Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm!