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Cocheco Valley Humane Society has begun the "Bring Us Home" campaign to raise funds for a new shelter! This will be a long journey and we would like to include you as we make the path towards our new home. Please CLICK HERE to see our progress. 


We have created a Case for Support to share our plans and the need for this project to happen. We have also identified naming opportunities in the new shelter as a way to recognize you – our community – for your essential support! Please click here to download a commitment form to make a donation to the Bring Us Home campaign.

To make an online donation to Cocheco Valley Humane Society's Bring Us Home campaign, please click on the "donate" button below. You will be able to specify the amount you would like to donate to the campaign. Thank you for helping bring us one step closer to a new sheleter! 



Dr. Michael J. O’Connell Donates $250,000 to CVHS Capital Campaign


Michael J. O’Connell, MD, MHA and CEO of Paincare, Salmon Falls Family Healthcare and R.O.A.D. to a Better Life, has generously donated $250,000 to support Cocheco Valley Humane Society’s “Bring Us Home” capital campaign to build a new 11,000 square foot animal shelter that will be located on the grounds of the Strafford County complex in Dover. His leadership gift will name the surgical suite at the new facility. 

Dr. O’Connell has been a steadfast supporter of CVHS for many years; regularly underwriting events and providing financial support to enhance the quality of care for thousands of abused, neglected and abandoned animals the shelter serves each year. In addition, he has served as a tireless advocate for CVHS and has worked to champion the shelter’s mission by authoring letters of support encouraging his peers to join him in making a difference in the lives of the animals at CVHS. 

According to Dr. O’Connell, “As I reach the twilight of my career, and as CVHS approaches its momentous rebirth, I have decided that my plans to include CVHS in my will are far too conservative, not anywhere near as helpful to my favorite charity as I would like and as what CVHS deserves. The old saying "you can’t take it with you", is particularly germane for me. I dearly wish to see with my own eyes, in my own lifetime, a vibrant, robust home for CVHS. As the caretakers for the truly innocent, I can’t imagine draining my retirement funds now for any more lofty or noble purpose. The employees and volunteers at CVHS are to be commended for an awesome, yet too often thankless job in face of recurring challenges. I hope with my assistance and that of many others, CVHS can realize a long held dream.”
With 10 locations throughout NH, Paincare is the leading medical practice in the northeast dedicated exclusively to pain management. Salmon Falls is a comprehensive family health care practice treating newborns, children, and adults of all ages. The practice has been serving the tri-city area of Dover, Somersworth, and Rochester for over 20 years. The mission of the R.O.A.D. To A Better Life program is to provide therapy and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in a safe, respectful and friendly environment that is focused on recovery, relapse prevention, and a return to normalcy.
For more information about the Cocheco Valley Humane Society “Bring Us Home” Capital Campaign, please contact Executive Director, Leslie Heindl at [email protected] or 603-749-5322 and visit for campaign updates. 



Michael J. O’Connell, MD, MHA and CEO of PainCare, Salmon Falls Family Healthcare and R.O.A.D. to a Better Life, has donated $250,000 to support our capital campaign! Dr. O’Connell has been a long-time supporter of CVHS and we are incredibly grateful for his continued support of our work and our commitment to move the organization into a new home! Dr. O’Connell’s gift will be proudly recognized in our new facility with the naming of the surgical suite. Click here to read more about this generous gift and click here to explore additional naming opportunities!


KIDS! We Want YOU! 
The campaign committee has been hard at work creating our newest initiative – Kids 4 Cocheco! This effort will be focused on engaging our community’s younger supporters in our effort to move CVHS in to its forever home! If you know kids or teens who have a passion for animals and would like to help lead these efforts please email Suzanne Mello at [email protected].  We are planning a number of fun, family-focused summer events and will be posting details later this month on our website and Facebook page. Keep your eyes open and we hope you and your family will join in on the fun!

CVHS at Cochecho Arts Festival
CVHS is honored to be the featured non-profit at the opening night of the Cochecho Arts Festival. The festival kicks off at 6pm on July 10th at the Rotary Pavilion at Henry Law Park. 
We are currently looking for volunteers to help support specific activities such as social media campaigns, summer events, and community relations. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, contact Leslie Heindl at 603-749-5322 or [email protected].




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